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Oh, that's really smart actually. Just need to find the right ram then, all cocker rams have a 1/8 shaft and most have 3/8 bore right? (I'm not sure, I know some aftermarket rams have bigger bore size).


A piston: 0.11 square inches

A shaft: 0.049 square inches

F(forward stroke)@100 psi: (0.049)*100= 4,9 pounds
F(return stroke)@100 psi: (0.11-0.049)*100= 6.1 pounds

Is this enough to recock a nelson valve? My guess is it would work depending on springing.

Thanks for giving me ideas!

I have though of that, but I think it would look weird with all the tubing and I already planned to have the LPR in the grip. Thanks for input
when the stroke gets pushed back, would the forward stroke air will be compressed above 4.9 pounds? would you need a relief valve of some kind of do you just need to calculate for a longer piston to make sure the gun is cocked before the pressure matches?
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