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What was your first "high-end" gun?

What was your first really good gun that would have been considered higher end? FOr me it was around 94 or 95, I had been using a Piranha LB and a what we called "cocker-killers", which were tricked out spyders. I found a really good deal on a standard feed automag in a General Joes add in APG, it came with a vert feed installed and a 12" Boss Progressive barrel. When it arrived I scored a 24oz CO2 tank that was rated at 3000psi and installed a used nitro duck reg on it for compressed air. I remember the first time I had it filled and the guy handed it back to me and it was hot... scared me alittle as I was used to CO2 tanks. The gun shot good but would chop if you tried to pick up the pace on the trigger. I called up AGD and ended up ordering a powerfeed body, which cured the problem. Naturally this started the arms race with my friends who ended up getting 98 cockers. After trying theirs I traded the mag for a cocker, and over the years I've bounced back and forth between cockers or mags in one form or another.

So what is your story?
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