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Empire Trracer,Flasc Barrel (Silencer & Loudener), Revvy Hopper in London ON

Up for sale is my trusty Empire Trracer pump marker.

The Empire Trracer Pump Marker was only used for 1 year before putting it in storage. It was cleaned and lubed before being stored away.

Angled Foregrip has been installed, iron sights installed, offset sling mounts, bungee sling, and it also has a bottom line (with swivel elbow and quick disconnect)

Also comes with:
- A custom-made stainless steel upgrade bolt,
- Phantom velocity adjuster
- Nelson spring kit (bolt and valve springs, hard to find!)
- 100s of Orings, lube and Loctite
- Padded marker case with combo locks - Case is worn
- Stock trracer barrel
- Double sided barrel bag and some squeegees

Can also toss in for FREE, two medium sized paintball jerseys

Adult owned, and cleaned after every day of use.

$115 Sold


For sale is a Flasc barrel with working Flasc silencer and loudener

Both silencer and loudener work great, you screw them onto the end of the barrel. The silencer has a doubly ported insert and is packed with cloth to absorb sound.

The bore size of the barrel is .690 and the length is 6". The barrel is autococker threaded. The barrel bore is great and has no scratches.

Also this comes with a barrel squeegee and double sided barrel bag.

I can include with this a FREE paintball headband.

$45 Sold


For sale is my awesome Revvy Hopper (Viewloader Revolution)

It has:
- An upgraded Empire sound activated board
- Upgraded paddles
- Strong old style shell (Will never crack) - with old strong style lid (pre-BE)
- I upgraded the screws as well
- Best hopper I've used!

This is a very reliable hopper.

I can include for FREE a set of winter camo pants with this.


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