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Ok, got my thumper today... First thing I did was put a 12g on it to see what was wrong.
Well I did not get very far. Got 1 shot then click click click...? All tho it did activate the clippard valve. Just did not shoot.
So it was time to rip it apart. Looks like a bent piston but very little bent. I changed a few o-rings, but my o-ring kits have not made it here yet. From the looks of this thumper it is a gen 1 with no upgrades. Do you think if I email Brian he will send me the upgrades with out me sending him the thumper? I want to continue to work on the piston. The one I have is aluminum with the end that threads on, and a hex key at the other end. I will get pictures tomorrow.

I want to try and use a reg tester on the internal reg. To see what the LP is set at and if it is creeping or moving. That will tell me if there is a problem with the internal reg or the problem is just the piston. Below is a picture of the side of a thumper, you will see a grub screw. Does anyone know if that grub screw is on the LP side or the HP side of the piston?
It came with carbon fiber pump arms, do they just unscrew from the breech? It kind of looks like these ones have been JB welded in. Do I have to order a new breech?

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