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"Blow-Back Cup"? (BBC)

I gotta agree with Axel - the total equipment cost for the BBC is less than the cost of a case of paint --- and players will use less paint than in a "Screamin' Space-gun" tourney --- which should help offset the inconvenience of having to buy (or borrow, or rent, or just fix up) a Blow-Back.

Something that has been mentioned is that current tournament players may not want to partake of an event with so many tech restrictions. This is a patently false argument as there are pump events in both NPPL and PSP, and stock play enjoys a fairly healthy following. On the other hand, the guys who love high-rate electro play may choose not to avail themselves of the BBC - that's okay, they already have their niche, and I have no interest in altering it in any way (they seem happy).

It does not matter where the line is drawn, it will make some unhappy. The restriction against the use of Auto-triggers in stock is a good example. As I've said, I put the line where I did for a bunch of reasons. Would I ever be able to actually pull this off? No clue! But it may be my New-Year's resolution. Wost case: BBC never gets off the ground, but have an excuse to play at more fields in the ATL (we have many, and they are pretty nice).

Now, for youse guys what wanna play with 'mags, 'cockers, an' whatnot...

Idea: Have teams made up of players using exclusively one marker (all mag, all cocker, all blazer, all Desert Fox, Sovereign... etc.) They play other teams using the same equip until you end up with "Best in class". Then the top teams from each class compete until there is a "Best in Event" gun type. Add limitations to taste (limited paint, gravity only, non-agitator hopper, whatever). It would sure be one heckova thing to watch! RABID fans!
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