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Gotten my old a$$ '97 cocker out and running (only body/bb actually from 97 tho). Honestly, it must be specific to loud cockers, because the only thing I don't get holding the pump forward when shooting is a loss in efficiency. Makes no difference in terms of sound for me, the shooter, or the target downrange, the significant other

I thought it might be as I've got it up for CO2, running LP at just about 200psi, given co2 takes bit longer to expand than hpa2, but I noticed no difference when I switched to hpa. In both cases I was running an aka valve/volumizer along with an al lightening bolt. the hammer was of the rex adjustable variety. to note I did switch inline regs and valve stems/cup seals when going from co2 to hpa as I didn't wait very long. Same operatives pressure was calibrated though, and I noticed a small drop in velocity when using hpa, like 5-10fps

So, yea, makes me think this only applies to some guns. I'll see what happens when I break out the old 2004 black magic body cocker sunday, as I've set it up for HP operation (again CO2, but using a hp pps valve, stock bolt and tungsten hammer), so maybe that'll make a diff?
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