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Originally Posted by C_losjoker View Post
So I am late to the dance, have to read some post. But what happen, is this no longer a good viable option, is it the quality, services? I have couple markers that I was thinking of getting this done on.
Stay away. Period.

I wanted to say that it took a year to get my guns done and it was worth the wait and so on. However the reality is that I opted for different colors then what i orginally waited a year to get (wanted multicam) and what I got was okay, not great. I sent him all the internals to re-assemble the guns since they had them for so long and I got back two boxes of parts. I only sent the parts since he said that they would be more then happy to re-assemble the guns since the job had taken so long and that they do that anyway (assemble the guns). So after a year i got two guns finished in the colors I didn't want (settled on) after set back after set back, which I can't really refinish again (without really stripping the hell out of them) and now I get to re-assemble both of them. So yes, stay the F@#!$ away.
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