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Originally Posted by aresfiend View Post
So, I did an efficiency test with my Valken Proton but I had 2148 (2009 after airing up) PSI in a 50ci tank. I'm trying to figure out how my math is and where I'd need to go in order to get a PSI/in3 at 4000 PSI and then the PSI per shot.

So far, I've got a basic equation for PSI per cubic inch which would be 4000/50= 80PSI per cubic inch. Is this correct?

If so, at 576 shots (I counted the paintballs before I did the test and had each pod labeled) off of a ~2000 fill doubled to reflect 1152 shots off of a ~4000 fill, would it be 1152/50=23.04 shots per cubic inch?

Finally, if both of those are correct, would it be safe to assume that it's roughly 80psi for 23.04 shots off of one cubic inch at 4000 PSI that could then be multiplied by the size in cubic inches of a tank? Meaning a 68/45 would be roughly 1550 shots per 68/45 filled to 4000 PSI?
the first part is nonsense. you can't divide pressure over volume. every cubic inch has the same pressure. If you can figure out how to use only the pressure in a single cubic inch of a given volume you will make millions lol.

the second part is a reasonable assumption. its not strictly linear so you will likely find that you will get an even higher shot count on a full tank. You can't use the tank all the way down to 0 psi, but you can definately use it all the way up to 4000 psi. IE below 400 psi your gun won't fire so you only get to use 1600 psi off the bottom of the fill ( guesstimate numbers). for the top of the fill you get to use the full 2000 psi.
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