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Yeah... I have no idea why I was even thinking of pressure force per square inch.

Basically, all I need are shots per 4k PSI. If it's 576 shots off of 2009 PSI (Rouding to 2000 to make life simple) would I just be able to multiply the amount of shots by 2 since I'm multiplying the pressure by 2, making it 1152 shots off of 4018 PSI (Rounding to 4000) then divide the shots by the tank volume in cubic inches, in this case, 1152/50=23.04 shots per cubic inch then multiplying by tank size?

576 shots-2000psi * 2 = 1152 shots-4000psi

1152 shots / 50 inches ^3 = 23.04 shots per in^3

23.04 shots per cubic inch * 68 ci = 1566 (rounded down) shots per 68 cubic inch tank at 4000 PSI

I'm not trying to figure out the PSI per cubic inch, I'm trying to figure out the amount of shots per square inch in a universal factor if I possibly can. The only way I've come close to the system I'm using is because my in theory results are very close to those of a 68 cubic inch tank, a 50 cubic inch tank, and a 48 cubic inch tank. Would this solution work universally?
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