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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
wait for one of us to have the gun. strike the pose from 007 quantum of solace wearing full game gear:

the slightly off-vertical aim of the gun is just perfect for leaving the collar some room. so borrowing blackrain's profile picture...

or hold it by the pump handle like a bad *** mother ****er. it gives more room for a bigger graphic.
That's cool, not really what I was going for though. Like with the SDDG shirts, I try to make pball stuff that isn't super aggressive or loud (since every company seems to take that approach) making it more useful for everyday wear.

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
on an unrelated note, did the guy model the shirt while HANGING HIMSELF? his neck is totally pale... creeped the **** out of me when i first saw it in photoshop...
Good eye. It's the same image I used to rough in the SDDG shirts so the shirt used to be green; I didn't bother masking the dude's skin when I brought down the yellows and greens to make it grey.

Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
The one in post 996 I like the most so far. Can we make the "T" in Time into a seven?
Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
Make the "T" in time a 7...
Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Digging the first shirt!
Thanks, and yeah, I think that's what's needed .
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