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I spent the day today boring some stainless barrels. These things are no fun at all. They turn out really nice but they take forever and I can't use my boring jig I have to put them in the hard chuck so I cant bore any goofy profile barrels. I am still on the fence on if I want do them on a regular basis I will say that they will be rather expensive to make it worth the trouble.
Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't want to do, you should find a way to do stainless efficiently, maybe price aggressively and go for volume? A lot of people have stainless barrels that would want this service, including me with my one piece dye boomstick. But I'm not desperate for it so I won't pay a ton to make it worth someone's trouble.

Edit: do you cut the internal o-ring grooves so the insert doesn't slide out when you take the barrel off? That's a nice feature
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