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Originally Posted by chplnstone View Post
buried in stuff, gotta thin it out a bit. not really looking for trades at the moment, holiday money crunch prices don't include shipping (pm for quotes), very happy to combine stuff for better deals, please post before pm'ing, thanks!

top of the list is a double barrel pgp, extended barrels of standard bore sheridan brass and 12 round ammo tubes capped with chaos caps. oldstyle valve, oversized transfer holes drilled out post-solder then plugged with 1/4-28 grub screws, palmer's style. aftermarket IVA drilled and flipped to be a RVA, delrin bolts spun to have a similar look. extended pump rod with lb pump handle modded to fit 2 barrels, vert handle fabbed to match milling, held in place with a 1/4-20 grub screw. polished p-series frame. just airtested it, empties the 12 round ammo tubes plus a few at usable velocities (sorry, no chrony)... looking for $260 for this one ---PENDING!---

'racked back' to expose co2 knob:

brass nightmare lb: i bought it as a pile of parts, did a d/f patch, cleaned up a gouge inside the bottom tube, installed new seals and it holds air fine. last aired up at the viper event at OXCC last month, held air overnight (though the co2 nut o-ring swelled up), shooting a bit hot. finish on the body's a bit splotchy, i used brassblack on the patch to help blend it in a little, missing rear site. looking for $280 on this one

more brass, this time an old beater project/'chunk 'o brass'. pmi magnum someone modded to take a sniper-style pump, i d/f patched it, soldered on the rod adapter (they tapped into the original endcap), installed top tube with springfeed and sidemount thadapter w/ skullcaps. it didn't come to me with the correct pump handle, i installed an adapter tube and a heavy return spring. just airtested it, balances well with a long 10 oz tank, shooting a little hard, looking for $165 plus ship for this one... -edit, added rva-

nice oldstyle pgp, single sprung bb retainer style (under pump handle). rvg, rubber grips, and holster, looking for $90

next up is a team ags unibody nelly with lever changer and kingman hammer adjustable bolt & hammer. badly spraypainted grip panels, never used it, looking for $100. also possibly the best marker you could every buy (for $15), a classic vulcan. these things shoot lazer t*ts man! i'm looking for, say, $10? (or maybe a 6 pack of something decent at the next event i go to):

3 oldschool aluminum barrel extenders for sheridan brass, 2 @8 3/8" and one @ 6 3/8", all are old, dirty, and nicked up, looking for $25 each for the longer ones, $20 for the shorty ---equalizer is SOLD!---

pile 'o parts:
kp3 ca adapter with thermo asa, $30
mystery site rail, free with something else
assault line stock (top), $25 -gone!-
unknown stock w/ tank ring, $20
assault line pgp asa adapter (left), $30
assault line pgp adapter (right, needs 12vie nut drilled out some more to fit), $20
spyder anti-chop bolt, $25 -gone!-
unknown tank ring, $15 ---SOLD!---
vm68 backbottle setup with inline shutoff valve and expansion chamber, $30

sheridan guys: the pgp ca adapters have o-ring grooves, so with the right size o-ring it seals to the valve tube. this means the adapters also work on kp2's and kp3's without extension tubes (though long p-series still need 'em), the o-ring sits just past the vent hole on kp2 valve tubes...

and finally an old rusty crosman model 130 .22 pellet pistol, missing rear site and could use rebluing, but works fine, looking for $45

possible trades:
sheridan brass parts/donors
tiberius rifle/t4 mag
thanks for looking!
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