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New Phantom owner... got a few questions

Just got this in the mail today. I got it off ebay and the pictures weren't very clear, clear enough to tell it was a Phantom. It is a unibody. The internal seem to be all original and she shoot GREAT!!! It has the older style bolt from the reading I have done here. Any recommendation would be welcomed. She is S/N 4643

I installed the T-Stock today.

Now I have a few question about it that will help me move up with accessorizing it.

1. Are the frame screw original? Would like to replace them to the field strip screw if they will screw in.

As you can tell from the picture above and below, the feed neck is spot welded. I don't think this is original, right?

It has the original screw in type feed neck, I can go to Lowes/Home Depot and get a 1" 45* PVC elbow and fit a hooper or straight pipe to make a loader. What I would like to do is have a feed tube that I could T and screw in. I saw this from CCM. Would that work?

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