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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
The hammer going full-auto probobly cycles at a rate of 40-45cps. That is faster then any hopper can reliably feed. Remember, with out eyes, the hopper has to feed every round, from first to last at that speed speed, which is impossible since the last few rounds in the stack will only feed at the speed of gravity.

Its one of those things. Its really easy to get the gun to fire f/a. Basicaly, make the slip-sear not slip. But slowing the hammer, and increasing the feed are 2 hurdles that have never really been done easily. Look how complicated the Tippmann F/A ended up being. Forcefeed hopper AND dual hydraulic shocks to slow the hammer... and it still was unreliable.
It's not that it was unreliable - I had one and it was fantastic. They're like Cockers in that sense - if you have one working, don't f*&% with it. Honestly it was a genius design, just complicated.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
And God turned to Gabriel and said: “I shall create a land called Canada of outstanding natural beauty, with majestic mountains soaring with eagles, sparkling lakes abundant with bass and trout, forests full of elk and moose, and rivers stocked with salmon. I shall make the land rich in oil so the inhabitants prosper and call them Canadians, and they shall be praised as the friendliest of all people.”

“But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “Is this not too generous to these Canadians?”

And God replied, “Just wait and see the neighbors I shall inflict upon them.”
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