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CCI Phantom, Nelson and WGP Parts, Rail, etc

Hail, friend!

This thread contains my random marker and other assorted hard parts. Prices include US shipping, Canada will be a little more, and I discount for buying multiple items (feel free to shoot me offers). See my other threads for combined deals!

Tradewise I'm interested in optics (especially occluded-style or Magpul MBUS).

TLDR Section! To save you time, here's everything left in the thread.

Phantom ASA - $14
Nelson Brute Internals - $8
Phantom Thumbscrews - $6
Blue Hybrid Rail - $6
Black Beavertail (wide) - $8
APP web belt (used) - $4 (free with anything else)
Rex Type R foregrip and reg/ASA... thing - $8

Detail Section:

Shocktech Chrome #5 Drop with ASA and fitting - $10 (SOLD)
Good shape.

Spyder Freak Back - $20 (no tip) (SOLD)
Note: that's clear tape on the barrel that I'll pull off.

Sheridan Frame with Crossman Stock - $22 (GONE)
Sheridan frame mounted in a Crossman stock. The stock has been sanded somewhat to make it more ergonomically friendly to righties (though it could use some refinishing). There's an additional screw coming up from the bottom of the grip that makes this rock-solid.

Phantom ASA - $14
Gloss back, mounted once, macro fitting included!

Sheridan Themo Tank - $18 (GONE)
Beat up, with fitting and hose.

Nelson Brute Internals - $8
Really nice shape, either refurbished or new.

Random Parts 1!
A bunch of random parts - see the list beneath the pic for more info. Everything is new except the rail (which is nearly new).

CCM SS25 Wire Detents (2) - Free if you buy something else. (GONE)
CheckIt Rebuildable Dentent (black) - $14 (SOLD)

Phantom Thumbscrews - $6
Blue Hybrid Rail - $6
Black Beavertail (wide) - $8

Random Parts 2!

Details beneath the pic.

Blue and Silver WGP Barrel - $8 (free if you buy something else) (SOLD)
Black Mag Barrel, removable crown tip - $10 (SOLD)
Sheridan CA Adapter, PGP length - $22 (GONE)

Random Parts 3!
Deets below.

APP web belt (used) - $4 (free with anything else)
Rex Type R foregrip and reg/ASA... thing - $8
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