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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Forgive me for not knowing what's happening.

When we register we pre-order paint at their pre-registration price? So when we check in they give us our paint order there?

I'm uncomfortable with that because there's some labor involved in keeping paint fresh and I'm not sure that they don't just have lots of paint stores in a train container in their parking lot baking in the sun or if they got a really good deal from KEE in Tampa for a bunch of paint that's been sitting since before World Cup. If they were a reputable baker I wouldn't mind paying in advance for their cupcakes, but I've recently read that there's a problem with the ingredients they are using. Paint sweating?

So I guess I'll have to pass on splitting a case and just get one there.
Tom, I'm still up for splitting... just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I still remember the crap they sold to us last year. Pat said he and his cousin ordered different stuff, so we can see how it's working on sight.

Really there is no sense in both of us paying for a case of crap paint, when we can split a case of crap and be fine

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