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Mint Mini-mag F/S/T


Welp, I am not really a mag guy and I tend to just lone this one out to people. Shot it earlier in the week for the first time in 3 years and it shot perfect. Gun is in great shape and has a 16"(?) Dye Boomstick and Dye trigger frame with sticky grips (new style black ones not pictured). Really looking to get a VSC Phantom with t-stock, 45 frame, and 15 round tube. Not to picky on the color but black or acid wash is a plus. I have no problem selling it for the right price though. Onward to the pictures:

Overall it is a nice little shooter but I am just looking to get into more stock class play. I have a PGP but not really looking to sink any money into it to make it suitable for fast paced playing. If you would like more pictures, just ask.

VSC Phantom with stock, 45, and 15 round feed tube
$200 + shipping (not familiar with the market anymore so please PM if this is way off)
Feel free to offer other things that may tickle my fancy

I am not a scammer, yada yada yada. I don't even know if I have any feedback on here. Just been dormant for a while. Please post before PMing.

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