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Got my DAM @ WC, one of the first sold to the public. It's a sweet gun but I noticed something odd first time I gassed up and it's done it a few times and I'm not sure why.

First air up: filled a new bottle I bought at cup (preset ninja at about 800psi) and turned the lever... Bolt shot forward and dry fired the marker. The bolt stayed forward. I degassed and then pushed the bolt back w/ a squeegee. It then aired up and chronoed very consistent.

It's done it a couple times since. Most recently it made the noid leak from likely being over pressurized :-0 I took out the bolt, ran my finger over each oring (it was freshly lubed) and reinserted and then it aired up fine. The tank was at 1k psi so the output could've been higher...

I've since drained my ninja tank and removed a shim to drop the output to 600psi and was planning on running nice thick dye lube on the outer orings (green) and maybe hater on only the moving parts (it did the bolt stick thing with the factory supplied lube, regressed dye lube and hater 2.0).

I was planning on calling dye tech support on Monday in advance of next weekend (Wayne's Grand Finale). The gun is still running just fine but I just hope dropping the tank pressure will be the right step. I might also regrease my reg before the weekend. I just wanted to see if any of the Dye techs who've posted can offer some advice so I don't wind up with my new beast of a gun down.

It did this first time I aired up and not the 2nd and has a few other times in my backyard but hasn't seemed to effect performance. It chronoed great out of the box and I cannot wait to rock it next weekend!! Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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