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Thinking about introducing the idea to my local field owner. However, the limited paint thing is not going to fly. It is a tournament so the point of the tournament is to make money (for the field anyway).

Thinking about introducing it with two levels
1. Blowbacks only
Geared toward the newer player.
Gravity fed hoppers only.

2. Everything else, RT prohibited.
For the guys that want a feeling of nostalgia, or players that wanna try something new.
Force fed hoppers allowed?

The thing is, we already have a beginners tournament where we don't allow anyone with more than 2 local tournaments, or any national level tournaments to play. I think the first category I listed almost falls into that (although players can use electronic equipment, it has to capped at 10 BPS on semi).

I love the idea of a blowback tournament though! It will give me a reason to show people just fast my Tippmann Gryphon can shoot with a Proto Primo hopper.
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