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2004 Prostock CCM Kit, Quality Upgrades


Throwing my 2004 Prostock on the chopping block as well. One of my favorite guns I have built, just need money for other projects. Gun is incredibly smooth (I would say rivaling my old S6) and very consistent showing +/-5 on the chrono. Absolutely no leaks and tried to use a lot of the best parts I could on it. It has some wear and tear from use and isn't perfect, but it shoots extremely nice and has no issues whatsoever. The perfect shooter. This was my main gun but I have figured it is time to thin the herd and turn my other gun into a pump.

What the gun has:

AKA Sidewinder Reg
ANS Valve (can't remember though, its red)
Shocktech Trigger Frame (bought new and incredibly smooth)
Black trigger shoe
Shocktech Superfly Delrin Bolt
2k+ CCM Kit with return spring
System-X Cocking Rod
Madman Springs Installed (can throw in rest of kit if I can find it)
Tippmann Grips
Bob Long Longshot 12" Barrel
Check-it Unimount On/Off (pretty chewed up from previous owner)
CP Delrin Detent (stripped but can remove and put stock on if you would like)

Onward Pictures:

I can take some in better light if anyone wants better pictures. Just wanted to get this thing on here sooner than later.

250$ OBO
Please post before PMing and feel free to ask any questions!

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