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Pretty interesting write up, although it's definitely skewed to favor airsoft, at least IMO. Both sports are fun, I've tried both. I started in paintball in the early-mid 90's but had a buddy in the Army who was hardcore into airsoft so I gave it a go.

It was fun, it just wasn't my thing. I can also say, the gear prices in that write up are a little misleading. To be "competitive" in airsoft is much like getting trapped in the paintball armsrace. There are upgrades on top of upgrades to make everything better, etc. I don't remember the exact figures but my buddy had way more $ tied up in airsoft guns than I've had in my gear at any point in my "career". Hell, his airsoft AK and G36 cost more than the real things.

Still an interesting point of view though. I could get into it again, but I'd only play it outlaw style. I have no interest whatsoever in airsofting on a commercial field.
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