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Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
Would your setup be considered drop in like a cocker pump kit or do you need a custom pump arm as well? If drop in, got any plans to make some for the rest of us? I like the look of the ccm handle on there.
The hole thing is drop in at this point in time, right now I just switch over the internal to the and the connecting arm to the bolt. I am still up in the air about making more kits the T2 handle i think my be pricey from CCM for me to buy, but I will see once i get it all up and working the way I want it to.

Originally Posted by TheePsycho View Post
That CCM pump kit is not a drop in kit for a Sterling. As far as the pump arm I guess that would depend on the length of the stock arm and how far out the pump handle would be. I'm sure you would probably need to change the threads since it probably won't match up.
Its weird, it a standard threads on the body, with the exception to a Metric thread on the rail to frame screw(M6 I think, might be wrong)

Will have more next time i get to the shop, wont be for a couple weeks, the wife is out of town for the next couple weeks, and I can't watch the baby and be in the shop.

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