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Originally Posted by m1yeh View Post
Turning the TPC clockwise-> increasing the strength of the mainspring-> turning up the velocity->
Yea, I would say this supports my theory that the springs inside the breech are the main driving force of returning the pump.
You could also try using the RED mainspring (that is the strongest spring).
Some one correct me if I'm wrong, but what does this spring has to do with the pump returning to the forward position when the hammer is cocked? That spring is compressed between the hammer and bolt, so how does it assist the pump in coming to the forward position? I know it does it when there is no air because the gun isn't cocking but with air?

I'm not familiar with the forward return pump since mine doesn't do it and I never had a pump that did, so it is natural for me to have to do ONE full pump cycle manually. I'm curious about this now and will like to try it. Mine doesn't have the return spring but I'm planning on ordering the UC anyways, will it come with the spring?
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