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i dont mind hauntings as long as the ghosts are peaceful.

looking at the public records on the house, what is listed online and on the data sheet, it looks like this house has been under the same ownership for a long time, that or they didnt keep records of sales until recently.

one of the first things i will be inspecting is the foundation and basement as well as where the driveway meets the back of the house and how they have it so that water doesnt get into the foundation.

the next major thing will be electrical, followed by the roof and then plumbing.

at the moment, the basement is just a cellar with only exterior access via a storm cellar type door. i wonder if it would be worth my time and effort to make it into usable space and add access to the rest of the house... gotta see what it looks like in there first, bringing work gloves, knee pads, a bright light, and something to smash spiders with, lol.
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