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Thank you to all of you that have come out to the final Mission: Impossible of 2012. The night game Saturday night and yesterday's game was very intense!

We (Mic and I) have to say that for Saturday nights game, the added effect of the fog machine made it surreal and game play unforgettable, with Kamikaze racking up the barrel tag/kills. Yesterday's game play was no exception, especially the big game that encompassed all 4 fields and included the walk-on and private groups!

We would first like to that Giant Sportz, Hollywood Sports Park and their staff, especially Jon Asperin for allowing us to run Mission: Impossible this year and giving us their support.

Next we would like to thank Shaun "Kamikaze" Kimura from Team Knuckle Draggerz and Ed Sampilo from Ronin pump team for leading each faction and sticking it out throughout the whole year and giving each other a run for their money!

And finally, to all the players that have played at any of the dates that were scheduled this whole year. There are too many of you to mention and frankly I am not able to remember who came out to play! lol! We have planned each event to be enjoyed by players of every skill level and we hope that those walk-ons and private groups that participated in the big game scenario, will continue to come back to play and help us grow the sport of paintball.

Again, thank you for letting us put you all through the ringer! LOL
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