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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
I noticed that as well. I've owned a few Vibes and it seems like they have less force than the eNMEy bolt. I guess the switch over from electro to mech (adding that other o-ring and sealing off air kinda took away the feature more than they had thought).
I added a second o-ring to my Vibe and couldn't tell any difference in bolt force. The electro being lighter makes more sense to me. The Vibe has that little vent in the solenoid. By cycling the solenoid for no more than about 10ms (8?) and when the movement is restricted, I don't think the bolt gets a chance to see full chamber pressure (or vent fully on the front) before getting pressure again. With a mechanical trigger, you will probably always be venting off all of the front bolt pressure.

Since the bolt runs on chamber pressure, you could under-bore and/or run a lower velocity to get a lighter bolt force.

I've never messed with the barrel on the Vibe, but my FS8 is basically the original design and it has a preference of longer (14") barrels (i.e., will usually shoot higher fps with the longer barrel of the same bore).
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