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February 23rd, 2013-THE THING III: The Isle of Man-Skirmish, PA

In 2009
Chinese and American Specialists pooled their resources together to search for new sources of oil. Their station was known as Outpost G4. A conflict broke out among everyone stationed there. To this date, nobody knows who pulled the trigger first.
Tensions were high at the North Pole.

In 2011
Chinese and American Special Forces secretly returned to Outpost G4. During their search for answers, they discovered British S.A.S. had already established a campsite to conduct the same investigation.
The S.A.S. campsite was seemingly burned down by the American and Chinese operatives. Although there is no evidence to prove that.
Tensions were high between China and the United States.

THE THING III: Isle of Man
In 2011, British S.A.S. forces rescued wounded survivors prior to the American/China special forces arrival. All injured personnel loaded up onto a transported to the main location of the British Intelligence Committee.

The Isle of Man.
The S.A.S. unknowingly rescued infected survivors. Once again THE THING slowly spreads, working its way across the communities. Harbormasters, constables, and civilians, as well as British Intelligence and Special Operatives are in danger of becoming infected.
Britain needs experienced help. And the only human beings in existence that has experience combating THE THING are the Chinese and American special forces that raided Outpost G4 back in 2011. But there is a problem.
America and China are finally at war.
With two nuclear superpowers destroying each across the globe, Britain will receive no official assistance.
Unofficial assistance is on the way.
The 2011 Special Forces from America and China both disobey their countries orders.
They head towards the last remaining location where THE THING exists, in one final attempt to kill THE THING once and for all. They plot a course for The Isle of Man.

There will be no medals or parades awaiting these men and women when they return. Court martial’s, and charges of treason await those who survive this ordeal. These men and women have gone rogue, disobeying direct orders, in an attempt to save humanity.
“If the infection spreads to the mainland, the approximate time for the infection to take over the entire globe is 27,000 hours.”
The clock is ticking.

Come out and join the excitement, as the most popular and paranoid, scenario trilogy concludes.

Once again America and China will clash.

And once again, something lurks among them. Hiding in plain sight, an imitation of human beings will prey upon them – both body and mind.

THE THING III: The Isle of Man

February 23rd 2013.
Game play is 11a - 4p
5 Hour Scenario
Registration: $24.95 + tax
Scenario priced paint (I believe $79.00+tax)
Field paint only

G-Force’s last scenario game

The THING III’s Command Staff
Commanding China: Box from HellKatz
Commanding the United States: Murdock from the Grave Diggers.
Phantom or 98c w/ rt & flatline depending - Scenario game player since 2002.
Financier, chief technical adviser and president of transportation of a 13 y/o with a 2005 Shocker and 15 y/o with an Ion XE
February 23rd, 2013-THE THING III: The Isle of Man-Skirmish, PA
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