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Here is a rough draft explaining how infections work.

Some players (we are taking volunteers) start infected (THINGS) on both the American side and the Chinese side.
Infected players are against all humans ( both on the American side and the Chinese side) Infected players tend to "lose" props, "fail" on the missions, destroy opportunities to score points, etc.
This is because infected players do not want to see humankind succeed.
Now for the part that makes this game the most paranoid game ever...Infected players (THINGS) can SPREAD the infection to other players.
They will possess palm sized infection cards and anywhere on Skirmish property they can pass some of these cards around and infect other players, making them THINGS as well.
Usually the number of THINGS out to destroy humanity goes up, and the number of humans go down.

This goes on for the entire game.

Pay attention to the first several posts on page one of this thread. As we get closer to game day, the rules for infection, as well as the over all game rules, will get gradually posted.
Something else that will be posted is how to turn those pesky THINGS back human.
And remember if you no one!
I should point out...all infected players should do their best to not get caught!

You already have half the players that day shooting you because you are on the opposite side (Be it China or America)

But if your own side finds out you are infected, you are in for a long day because they will shoot you as well. Why? Because they learned you are no longer human....but instead are one of those THINGS.

So all infected players usually do their best to remain undetected.
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