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a few things.

i DID sight down the top of the barrel for first strikes. within field distance they simply go where you point the gun, no lobbing required. it's a no brainer that you should aim this way.

the gun did have back bottle. i was able to sight down the gun because *gasp* we weren't wearing masks.

bottle was also a thin one.

i know bored prefers backbottle, but i like bottomline. if i could, i would use bottomline for even my nelspots. it's the only way i can aim with my 45/4500 and mask on in game without tilting my head, which messes up my bearing on the vetical axis, keeping me from arcing correctly. alas, nelspots don't have bottomline holes, and they are too precious for me to drill them.

but hammer 7 would come with bottomline holes, lou said.
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