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That portion of the Bolt actually has 2 unique diameters and a slope. The larger diameter at the front ensures a nice seal and the drop off gives a more even activation motion.

30 is a big number for dwell and will hurt efficiency. We only recommend a few point increase for problems like first shot drop off.

First Shot drop off is best treated with proper lubrication. The Red o-ring on the bolt is the sail and needs to very well lubed. Don't go over board but I lube mine every time I go play. Sometimes twice on a long day. For better accuracy dry fire it without a barrel or eye pipe to help clear excess lube (you don't want it to touch anything that a paintball will).

Try the dwell procedure I suggested earlier in this thread. You may see a change now that is been worn in a bit.

Thanks for the feedback. Let me know how it goes.
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