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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
It is odd that, when the reg is turned up all the way, you had problems feeding... I mean, the feed system should be totally independent of the piston/regulator system. I mean, they're supposed to be totally independent. Do you have any idea whether your piston might have something to do with this (the only think I can imagine is that, god knows why, at over a certain pressure the piston moves forward, even though the four nub things on the front of it should prevent it from doing so?)? Very strange...

For once I feel like we're heading in the right direction though!
Here is my thought on this theory:
I don't think it is the piston. I think it is the trigger assembly and area.
I think if you put too much pressure on that clippard valve, it pushes too far out which then pushes the trigger assembly, then pushes on the little brass piece on the "cocking leaver" and won't let it push all the way in. Thus not letting a ball drop correctly.

toymachine with the inline reg you use can you get your velocity up to 300 or past? I can seem to get mine up past 260 using their reg.
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