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Originally Posted by Rage 01 View Post
Here is my thought on this theory:
I don't think it is the piston. I think it is the trigger assembly and area.
I think if you put too much pressure on that clippard valve, it pushes too far out which then pushes the trigger assembly, then pushes on the little brass piece on the "cocking leaver" and won't let it push all the way in. Thus not letting a ball drop correctly.

toymachine with the inline reg you use can you get your velocity up to 300 or past? I can seem to get mine up past 260 using their reg.
That very well could be, but I would double check on your actuating/clippard valve. If you have another, try using it as a control and see what happens. I say this because, yes, I have disabled my thumper's internal reg and use an inline reg (with gauge) to reach main piston pressures of 250-290. Never actually ran it on 290-300, but the piston has held a bit over 300psi when I first set it up and hadn't turned the inline reg down enough. BTW two of my thumpers were gen 1 used models (setup with ss hammer) and the one I bought new was a gen 2 - none of the newer piston models, just to state.

Running with an inline reg and internal reg disabled I get, one either of my three thumpers I've now setup, about 260fps @ ~240-250psi and run a bit higher so that I get around 280fps @ ~275psi. I've had to use ~290psi to get one thumper running at 280-290fps, but that seemed to go away and I could turn the reg down a bit after changing o-rings and breaking them in on my thumper's main piston and actuating valve.

Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
Re-balls and paint chrono very differently in a Thumper.
This is a very important point - I have no ever heard of anyone having any kind of results comparable to using "normal" paint with reballs or other such balls.

Have you tried the same sort of test with normal paint rage?

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