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Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
Just had my first game earlier where someone cursed me out for killing a lot. All I could think was "really?" I was very tempted to respond with one of three things:

you're welcome...
Better kill faster...
this is a co op game buddy....**** you back...

I hadn't been drinking so I simply said nothing in response and outscored them all by about 30k points.
I was an Asari Vanguard in Silver...what does he want me to do, sit and hide behind a bunker and stasis everything? I think not. I saved their asses on more than one occasion. This is just a bit of a rant about my first encounter with a ruder player, took me 8 months to find one.
There is no "I" in team except for when you outscore everyone and have to carry the team through the whole match.
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