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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Decent ep. I really want to skull drag Philip after watching this one. I can't wait to see that vile sumbitch get what's coming. It's a bummer that we won't likely see that until the next half of the season though.
makes you wonder who will end ip killing him..

Govs gonna make him (already has) choose him or baby brother..Doesnt matter what happens or how bad it gets when it comes down to shedding blood Kin is Kin..

again..Kin is kin..or will it end up being something more,will Nerle side with the Gov and Daryl puts one between his own brothers eyes to save rick?although a stranger who once left his brother handcuffed to a roof ricks true nature of just wanting to help them sirvie shows through..he and daryl have a tight bond..and daryl wouldnt want "little *** kicker"or carl to be completly parentless..

shes going to have to pick sides also.. although left behind at the farm it wasnt intentional..the group was her family..

Glen?..the Gov did some serious bs to the woman he loves..Glen has grit that even Merl is stummed by..

Maggie? well.. we know she has her reasons..what was dobe to her and Glen havibg a gun shoved in his face..

Rick? well.. his people were taken..beaten and held agaibst their will.. Hes done playing nice.

Michone?.. Kill Merle and the Gov?

I have a feeling the next/last episode is gonna leave us with a rock in our gut..
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