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Ok, here's what I would do:
1. No batteries
2. No RT
3. Gravity hopper only
Yes this excludes A-5s. If you start making exceptions, your rules get overly complicated. Everyone owns a gravity hopper. If not, they are $5.
By limiting the feed, you limit the advantage of faster guns, so no one gun clearly dominates, and everyone can pick their favorite mech gun without suffering an ROF disadvantage.
My condolences to the A-5, but it would become the only gun in the league. Of course, maybe then you could get Tippmann to sponsor the event.
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1. Do not use the Wally Lama's name in vain.
2. Do not put any airsmith before the WALZ
3. Do not covet thy neighbors brass
4. Give a lot of cool **** to cool people for free
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I stumbled in here looking for autococker/pump advise [sic] and being FLAMED OUT MY A$$ on PBN.
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