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I keep getting crazier...

HPA, N2, CO2, and regulators are all "Approved".

I have been thinking about the paint-use issue.

If you think about it, the set-up I have described is pretty much what most fields rent. So they would likely sell about as much paint as they would on a Rec-ball day (maybe a little more due to the competition, maybe a little less due to guys getting eliminated faster). I am also, very slowly, entertaining the notion of having unlimited paint. The fields in my area rent a harness and pods as part of the basic rental package, and that seems fairly standard so why not set that as the standard? So figure 4 pods in the harness at 140 balls each (560 balls) plus 200 max in the hopper, for a total of 760 paintballs (+/-). It would make the field owners happier, but is it TOO much paint?

One nice point about this style of competition is that it would not require the full resources of the field in question. Most places I go to have several small fields, rather than a single large field. In fact, most have a "Speedball" field or an area that could be used as a "Speedball" field. So, while the "tournament" is being played on the speedball field (or "mounds" or "The village", or whatever), the rest of the facility is open for normal rec-ball day. There would be a greater ref requirement but that could be offset by entry fees. On the other hand, you may have spectators… who may even want in on the action...

The more I ponder this, the more it begins to resemble “League Night” at the local bowling alley – but with less beer [shrug]. Yes, you can just use a ball from the rack and rent your shoes, but most participants eventually buy their own equipment. At the bowling alley, League Night means nearly-guaranteed customers, and sales of greasy food and watery drinks. At the paintball field, League Day would mean a slightly more reliable customer attendance and the sale of paint and burgers/pizza and maybe sports drinks.

So, what are these crazy people going to play for? What are the rewards?
1: Free “Day Passes” for the winners. Each member of the winning team would get so many days of free play (not including paint). Maybe even a SEASON pass for the top team in the league for the year.
2: “Buddy Passes”. Like a Day Pass, but they can’t be used by the League Members, but they can be given to friends, family, ex-wives/husbands, the barber, or whoever, who then come out and use up some paint (and maybe get hooked and come back for more abuse).
3: Certificates “Awarded to Team ‘Weazle Fart’ for placing second in the ‘LoRente’ paintball field summer ‘Blow-Back Cup’.”
4: Bragging rights (remember those)
5: Recognition in the “National Blow-Back Cup Website” (these kids love their interweb) – maybe a You’se Tube video of the award ceremony… Why the heck not, it’s flippin’ free.
6: Maybe (in a year or so) some nice swag from Tippmann, Kingman, Unity, Viewloader, GxG, or whoever. (You know… bumper stickers, T-shirts, comely lasses… whatever).
7: Coupons redeemable at the local paintball store (keep these people OUT of Wal-Mart).
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