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Since my post back in March I've picked up an MVP and have been using it constantly for around six months. I've learned a few things about the gun and wanted to contribute to an already comprehensive review.

- This gun is probably the most consistently shooting gun over the chrono that I own. I attribute that not only to the care taken to the internals but also to the entirely closed body design. I play on dusty fields so I really do appreciate this setup.

- Short-stroking with a gravity hopper is rare but can be catastrophic when it does happen. As others noted it is possible to short stroke it. I rarely do it but when it does happen I tend to pinch/break paint between the feedneck and the bolt. Since I only use tournament paint this becomes a gooey mess that can only be cleaned on the sidelines. My solution to this is to simply use a force-fed hopper on this gun. With my Rotor I never ever pinch a ball no matter how fast or sloppy I am with the pump action. I don't like doing it because I love how light the gun is but I can't see any other way around it. I don't want to risk pinching or breaking a ball mid-game no matter how rare it happens with a gravity hopper. It will eventually happen and when it does (for me at least) it is always at the worst possible time.

- I've learned to use a dab of blue Loctite on the grip-frame screws to prevent them from backing out during the normal vibration of play. On most guns it isn't a big deal but for this one you really can't have screws backing out for two big reasons: 1) the gap created between the sear and hammer will mess with your guns timing causing erratic autotriggering or misfiring. 2) the o-ring that seals the macro-less air passage from the regulator to the valve will tear or spit out under pressure if there is a minor gap between trigger frame and the gun body. Both issues are easily avoidable by simply keeping your frame screws secure. As Franklin said, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Those are pretty much the only nuggets of insight I can add as the rest has already been marvelously covered.

No gun is ever going to be without its flaws so I just take them along with the sum of its merits and play according to its strengths. That said I do love this gun, quirks and all. It sits along side my T2 and Phantom as my favorite guns to shoot.
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