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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
I don't think that it was the result of people asking for AT, but more that it was happenstance because of the trigger design. Remember that the hinge trigger actually affected velocity based on how fast/hard you pulled it. Metadyne was forced to change to a sliding trigger/hammer to make velocity consistent.
Precisely, I remember brian talking about exactly this. They don't need the same trigger/hammer mechanism on the havoc launcher because the projectile is less affected by variations in velocity that holding the clippard valve open too long than paintballs requires, let alone all the fps and safety regulations related to paintball...

I'd probably not have bought any thumper to begin with if I had be so fussy when pulling the trigger to avoid having velocity fluctuation and whatnot without the use of an independent sear/hammer mechanism to depress the clippard valve in a controlled, consistent fashion.
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