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I'm so happy this is still going...
Not too long ago, I took a trip to Lao. The people I was traveling with turned me on to this phenomena. Here we were, in a hall way, in a hotel, in Lao, watching the video on an I phone and here comes the desk clerk, with a couple to show them the rooms. She (the lady of the couple, not the clerk) is appalled and says "really guys?" we're like, Oh yeah and she says "I'm Korean and I'm so sick of this, I wish it would just go away..." We're like No way, too awesome! We get to Vien Tien and they are playing the video in bars and in night markets... Every time we heard it, we just broke out into the dance. Such good times! I'll always associate Gungnam Style with that great time. By the way, Did you know Gungnam was the fashion district in South Korea?
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I still don't get the obsession with pump, as I love paintball in any form nowadays, I just can't tolerate cheaters and morons with a gun who think the objective is to cause as much pain as possible.
Emotional pain.

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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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