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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
That seam you see is a piece of paper that covers an aluminum plate that I use to keep the markers standing up. The box does have a curved sheet of paper in the back to eliminate the box panel seams but I have been a little hesitant on poking holes in that ( for the plate pins ) because I am constantly moving the plate around. I think the paper is more of a crafting / wrapping paper. Very white.

I use a Canon Rebel EOS XS 1000D with a 18-35 ( or maybe 55, I don't remember) lens and tripod. I'm still new to DSLRs so I don't quite know my way around the camera just yet. I did need help setting it up but I've been experimenting with it since then and have probably broke stuff in the process . I don't recall the shutter speed or other settings so I'll post back in the morning.


I'll need to double check but I think I am shooting in AV mode in F11 so I think my shutter speed and ISO are automatically adjusted for the F value.
By he looks of it here, you have two things going on. Either the paper you are using is too thin, or you'll need to have a bit of a longer shutter speed to blow out the background more. The upper part you have there, where your plate is, is showing a yellowish cast to it. I'm assuming you can see through it....

While in Av you should be able to bump up your exposure using Exposure compensation real fast and easy. Those are those lines at the bottom of your viewfinder or in you LCD at the top or on the. Ack of your menu screen, should be about 18 of the in all which represent small increments of adding / subtracting shutter speed. Take it to the + side using your buttons.

Just realized after typing this you probably already know about exposure compensation, so sorry
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