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Prices are in line. Kijiji in SW means haggle, haggle, haggle in my experience. I always pad mine a touch b/c people will usually offer you 30% - 50% of the price you've posted.

Examples of what I sold stuff for on Kijiji in the London area:
Empire Traccer (stock w/ adjustment wrench) - $90
Eggy II $25
Halo V35 w/ speedfeed $50
GxG urban camo vest $33
Lvl 7 Automag $85
4500psi HPA out of hydro (Crossfire & a CP) $55 a piece
Empire Magna (stock) $45
Brass Eagle Tigershark pump $30

The thing that I find usually seals the deal is I offer to deliver in the London and Woodstock area for free. Kitchener sometimes when the wife visits her Dad. Most of the people I've dealt with are younger than 18 and/or can't drive. I live in Woodstock and work in London so I'm there anyway and I stress that it's at a time convenient for me. Me delivering means I have something to counter when they offer such a low price.

From September to April, selling pb stuff on Kijiji here has been dead for me in the past. The summer is when it picks up again. Sucks for building up a Christmas fund, but it is what it is.

Where's the pics of the molle clothing/vest? I regularly play recball with 10-20 guys south of Woodstock. One of 'em might be interested. If you change your mind about playing, you're more than welcome to play, too. Cheers.
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