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I would also be thrilled to break 100. Again, could have something to do with all the beer and nachos...

Hmmm.... Might be more like baseball/softball than bowling…
Baseball has a lot of statistics. I mean a LOT! I had no idea until I looked it up.

From what I gather, MLB tracks the following
Batting average: Hits divided by At bats
Home Runs: hits on which the batter successfully touched all four bases, without the contribution of a fielding error.
Runs Batted In: number of runners who score due to a batters' action, except when batter grounded into double play or reached on an error
Slugging Average: Total bases achieved on hits, divided by at-bats
Stolen Bases: Number of bases stolen.
On-Base Plus Slugging: on-base percentage plus slugging average

This does not include PITCHING stats. Man… baseball people are weird – I respect that.

So what would we do for Paintball?
Elimination Average: Eliminations divided by games played, seems logical, but it would change depending on the size of the teams (I’m planning on 3, but other folks might like 5). So it seems that a ratio of the number of eliminations vs number of times eliminated would be good. Expressed as a whole number (similar to Batting Average) 1000, would be never eliminated, while 500 would be getting hit as often as you hit the other player.

Flag Hangs: Number of times the player has hanged the flag – basically Home Runs.

Flag Hang Average: Flag Hangs divided by games played.

Add to that "Games Played" and you have a mostly straight forward manner of keeping track of a player. Without having to keep track of TOO many stats.

Not as clean and simple as Bowling scores, but paintball is bit more complex – and a little faster. And it does open things up for more recognition. Highest FHA. Highest Elimination Average. People love to be recognized for stuff like this.

Just some thoughts...
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