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I played there a couple of times when I lived in G.R. circa 1995-1997.
Nice place.

Sorry, everyone...

I admit to being somewhat stumped on how to put all the teams on an equal skill footing. Of course, it happens in every sport. The new guys join the bowling league and have their butts waxed by Larry and Gert, the former pro-bowlers who had their identities changed as part of their participation in the witness protection program and now spend their sad lives traveling from bowling alley to bowling alley wiping the lanes with pathetic, half-drunken "League Nighters".

Sadly, we have no College paintball program from which to perform a "draft" like NFL or NBA (NHL?) so we may be stuck with the unequal teams. But then random allotment does not guarantee similar skill levels from team to team either - my youth Soccer team is an excellent example - we really were awful...and randomly selected.
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