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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post

Nobody, you're entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Hence, calling someone out on the 1 of 1 nonsense when they have something that is a production gun. You don't have to like it, but that's how it is.

ah no.

i have one offs, i have full custom guns and i have aftermarket guns. but i don't care to attach the moniker of a 1 of * because it doesn't matter to me. only to people that think they know more than me.

my initial post was about how these are Dave Bains' guns. he knows what they are. he spoke to Bud Orr and that is what he's telling him. Shane-o did show another gun with the same milling. not saying one is more correct than the other, i just offered another explanation of it being personalized serial numbers.

and i hate to tell you. unless someone starts a gun with an extrusion, EVERYTHING is a production gun. it had to start from something. unless a gun is so radical that it differs either in the application or the automation of the gun. but yet, you can put something on a gun that the factory didn't, and you have a custom gun. Harley does it all the time and how many custom 1 of cycles are there?

there is a point to correcting bad info but then there is coming at it like a know it all and that everything you say is the "word of god". i'm hear to tell you that you are wrong. just by you stating that, you are wrong. cause you don't know who i am, what i know and what i've seen. i had an Eclipse Sovereign. knew it was, told people it was and yet, they told me i was wrong. now, when i tracked down the gun, its an Eclipse.

so wiggle your chin on that one.
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