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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
I hate to be a wet blanket, but this kind of thing is treading on really thin ice. The "rain cover" subterfuge is paper thin, and will provide absolutely no legal protection if you attract the attention of some official type.

A company called BOA (Barrels of America, used to make brass marker barrels like J&J) got raided, their inventory, materials, tools and computers confiscated, and then hauled into court over this kind of thing.

Yes, people have gotten away with selling or trading single handmade units and a few of the remaining factory bits from back in the day, but I suspect that the moment somebody starts manufacturing them, they'll be made an example of.

Fair warning.



Its only an issue if they are readily adapted to firearms. As these will have barrel threading on them for .68 caliper barrels and will not readily slide over the barrel of most firearms it is not "readily" adapted depending on what that term means exactly.
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