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BasementN3k0's Huge Gearbag Sale! There's something for everyone!

I apologize for the huge pics...
Don't be rude.
Be mature.
Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade. Do not offer unless you are ready to pay/trade.
No low-balls.
I'm flexible (this means i'll look at reasonable/real offers).
I ship USPS First Class for small items, flat rate for larger purchases/items. I ship on Mondays and Fridays due to my work schedule and my post office's hours.
Shipping is included for most items, I may ask you to pay shipping on some items.

Will trade for CCM S5/CCM S6.5/Cocker/G3/G6r/Phantom/WGP Ranger/NXT Shocker parts; Cocker/NXT barrels bored for Freak inserts, Freak insert sets/freak inserts sized .675, .677, .679, .682, .684, in/out of hydro 5yr 4500psi carbon fiber tanks/bottles, small CO2 tanks, Pro Flex parts (lenses, frames, bottoms, ears, straps, etc), Sly Profit parts(lenses, foam, straps, color kits, etc), and anything interesting.
Bring me an APE board for a Shocker, a Tadao Ebisu board for G6R, and a Violent Products trigger for NXT.

Greg Hastings autographed long-sleeve shirt (M)-$20
never worn/washed, no stains, rips/tears, etc...

Official Tampa Bay Damage autographed t-shirt (L)-$35
i've kept the shirt in a zip-loc bag. never worn/washed, no rips/tears. has small, barely visible paint stains from the players' hands from handling when signing. i can take more pics if desired.

Dye urban digicam jersey (XL)- $55
no rips/tears, stains, has light wear from pod pack in front.

All complete Halos have a Freeway anti-jam installed.
Halo shell-$old!!!
Clear Sparkle B2 (comes with box)-$55
Red cranium Halo (comes with box)-$50
White Halo (small cracks on battery door and top edge of left shell, can include box)-$45
V2 Prophecy (includes stock lid and quick feed lid)-$old to Lawn
(stickers can be removed upon request)

Handheld Radarchron chrono-$old

Empire elbow pads(M)-$old!!!
Empire knee pads(L)-$25

E-Matrix Hybrid Contract Killer grips-$10 ea.
each pair of grips has a box.

Matrix threaded CCM feednecks-$10 ea. 1 low-pro sold, EVERYTHING ELSE IS STILL UP!!!
CP Matrix triggers-$sold
CP Matrix snatch grip-$8

Ego 06 frame with screen cover-pending to serafin!!!
Ego 06 star trigger-pending to serafin!!!
Ego 06 eye covers-$5 pr.

Modified older version sport shot-$10
PB Mafia 5/fifty pack w/pods-$40
Modified APP hopper-$20
(will sell 50rd pods, 5/fifty pack, and APP hopper as a set for $50)
Modified GXG hopper-$15
Ammo box-$10 for the one lying down, $5 for the one standing up (will consider selling both as a set for $10)

Blue Empire reg-$45 (has one tiny mark on it)
Dust red/black Ego 06 reg-$35
Red/black Air America reg-$25 (never tested)
Gloss black, beat to hell Shocktech reg-$15 (never tested)
Gloss black stock WGP reg-$10
Gloss red Hybrid 1/4 turn ASA w/ matching rail-pending to southerndandy
Old school In Yo Face drop-$10 (i have all the hardware somewhere in a box)

Stock cocker bolts-$5 ea.
Stock cocker pins-$5 ea.
Nickle Blackmagic bolt pin-$8
Dropzone drop-$8

Old Style CCM internals-$old
Stock cocker internals-$15 - one $old to sevent3
CCM valve springs-$2
CCM hammer springs-$2
Stretched CCM pump return spring-pay shipping and you can have it.

Pre-2K RF cocker body-$30 (no internals $40 with internals)
Raw STO body-$70 (never used, it's been sitting in my parts box. it has some marring on it and i don't know the status of the screw holes. it can come with matching body parts if requested.)

Composite Benchmark cocker frame-$25 (i can find grips for it)
Chrome WGP hinge frame-$30
(i have grips sitting around somewhere)

All barrels are cocker threaded.
Raw one-off barrel kit-$50 (i can get you bore sizes if you want, i used this kit once.)
Stock barrels-$5 ea. for Autococker barrels, $8 ea. for DP barrels.
Hammerhead barrel front-$15
Yellow LAPCO barrel-$20
Autococker Bull Barrels-$30 ea. (i don't really want these to go anywhere)
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