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ICD Parts/Marker Sale (Price Drop 12/4!)

Prices dropped, make offers on multiple items, I need to get rid of all this before the wife gets too grumpy! No reasonable offer turned down!

All prices include shipping to CONUS. Job has taken away from paintball time - when I do play, it's pump. Need to offload some of the clutter to make room for some real steel. More to come later. Paypal is preferred method of payment.

SOLD1. Stock Valve Excellent Condition - $8SOLD
SOLD2. Stock Valve Excellent Condition - $8SOLD
3. Old Style LPR, freshly lubed. Coin slot style adjustor - $6
SOLD4. Black New Style LPR - $10SOLD
5. Polished New Style LPR - $10
6. BKO VASA With Gauge - $8
7. Chrome ICD Feedneck (O-rings inside - fits a VL Revy perfectly) Rough inside. - $5
8. Polished ICD Feedneck - $5
SOLD9. BKO Ram (Like New) - $8SOLD
10. Board, 22-Pin - $15
11. 9300 Board - $15
SOLD12. Chaos Chip New, Never Used - $20 SOLD
13. Blind BKO Harness Excellent Condition - $6
SOLD14. FS8 Bolt Assembly (Thanks eeyore) Great Condition - $OfferSOLD

15. Dust B2K Frame - Someone replaced the microswitch mounting pins with hex screws. Trigger area has been grinded/milled. Works. Rough. $7
16. Old B2K Frame - idiot mark by the trigger pins. $8
17. Polished B2K Frame - $10
18. LAPCO ICD to COCKER adapter. Use cocker barrels on ICD threads. Great condition. $15
19. Red B2K VASA with Gauge - no screw. $10

20. Black BKO Body - Cocker Threaded, Great Condition - $15
21. Polished BKO Body - Cocker Threaded, Great Condition - $15

22. Black Teardrop B2K Body 7/10 - $18
22. Polished Tray - $8
23. CP Shorty ICD Threaded Barrel Excellent Condition - $20
SOLD24. ICD Threaded Freak Back (Threads fine in my unmilled/x-mills, but doesn't like teardrops for some reason). Excellent condition, slight anno wear on threads - $25 SOLD

25. Eclipse B2K Bolt -Worn - $15
26. Alamo City Paintball Low Blow Bolt - Like New - $20

1999 Unmilled B2k
I bought this, played a game with it, removed the aftermarket VASA adapter, ASA and reg, put the stock HPR back on and put it into storage. Was collecting matching parts for it for awhile. Has the old style large 1999 board, and is completely stock except for the grips. It's serial number is 0966, and has the matching original manual. The HPR has a few marks that the previous owner sharpie-flaged. See the close-up picture. Turns on and solenoid clicks strong. Its very clean, would make anyone very happy that wants an early first run Bushy in fantastic condition.

All the following parts included:
-Short Feedneck w/ o-ring.
-Tall Feedneck.
-Short Barrel.
-Standard Barrel.
-Long HPR Grip Extender.
-APP "Split Grips" (Appropriate for the time)
-Original Manual

Asking $70

Feel free to make offers on multiple items, will combine.

Will be taking more photos and adding more items over the course of the next couple days as I unpack more storage tubs.

MCB Feedback

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