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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
does dukie's frame fit phantoms? he might be able to build one that way and it would be a true stock class gun while still in pistol form, all the while giving it the touch of exoticism that he seeks.

from my (limited) experience his bucket changer does come loose if you aren't careful. i'm thinking if it would do some good to have a kind of reverse wraparound grips so your palm doesn't apply friction directly on the bucket, lowering its chance to loosen... but it's not a huge problem regardless.

comfy as hell though, that frame.
not sure if that was a rhetorical question, but yes they do.

never actually played with one on a phantom, but my buddy up north raves and raves about it. He used lots of plumbers tape (and when I mean he used lots of mean exactly that - the guy is a little dyslexic - in the sense he's a genius w/o social skills) when installing the changer's adapter and hasn't ever seemed to have any problems, from what I hear at least.
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