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you have too many when you honestly start looking at a larger vehicle or a trailer to haul your equipment to the field on a day of play.

you forget that you have something after you unearth the box that it was in.

you need to carry around the programming cards because you have too many to remember which board in is which gun.

you spend too much time and paint at the chrono station because you want to get a few guns field ready.

people are amazed at you when you bring only one box/crate to the field to play.

you buy orings in bulk.

you can field multiple 5, 7 and/or 10 man teams.

proshops give you a call when the new shipment of guns come in.

the proshop names the new wing or the entire new store after you, because you funded it.

when the GF/wife has to compare purses and/or shoes to the number of guns you have.

you have to start using other address to have guns come in, THEN you have to sneak them in, hide them in the collection and only bring them out after a few weeks/months so that you don't raise suspicion that you just got the gun.

you purposely start to work on guns(in a professional manor) to justify the shear number of guns that are coming to your house.

you have to move house, not because your family is getting bigger, its the room you store your gear in is too small.
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