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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
The basic $30 fee at the field in question includes the following:
Tippmann M98
200 ball hopper
Air tank
Harness with three 100 pods
500 paintballs.

IF, you bring your own equipment, you would normally pay $10 (this fee is waived if you buy 500 paintballs at $15). But the League fee is $30/night, so for every guy who brings his own equipment, the field gets an extra $15, which may be used for things like additional referees, reduced field fees for volunteer refs, or incentive paint. And, honestly, most guys will want to bring their own gun/mas/tank/and the like (if replies on this thread are any indication). So, in a way, I am charging more to cover refs.

Conversely, the field would have to charge $30 per player, and require everyone to help referee games outside their pool - or charge $45 per game day per player (an extra 50%) to pay for more refs. That can be negotiated.
I thought that you said, for anything other than a normal day, they need $300 for the first 10 people? Regardless whether people have their own gear or not?
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